Skip Your Consumer Loan Payment

Can you use a little extra cash during the year?

Southern Mass Credit Union can make that possible with our Skip-A-Payment Program*. Members in good standing have the opportunity to defer one payment on their consumer loan payment(s) once in a calendar year. One consumer loan payment can be deferred on any consumer loan as long as it meets the requirements below*.

It’s easy to take advantage of this offer:

  1. Fill out the Skip A Pay form.
  2. Return the form by mail, fax it to 508-990-1125, or stop any branch location with the $35.00 processing fee** for each payment you defer. We can also debit the processing fee from your Southern Mass Credit Union account.
  3. Skip your Consumer Loan payment.

*Some restrictions apply. The form and payment must be received prior to your consumer loan payment due date. One consumer loan payment may be skipped per consumer loan per calendar year. For installment loans, your skipped payment will be added to the end of your loan term. Interest will continue to accrue but all other items and conditions of the loan will remain the same. Any Southern Mass Credit Union Credit Card, First Mortgage loans, Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit, Fixed Equity Lines of Credit, Leases, Business Loans or Mass Save Heat Loans do not qualify for this program. Loan must be current. **The $35.00 Finance charge is a processing fee that must be received in a separate check or deducted from a Southern Mass Credit Union account and is nonrefundable. Other restrictions may apply. Please call for details.