Remote Deposit Capture

How to Make Mobile Check Deposits

Even in an electronic world, you still receive checks periodically. Fortunately, it’s easy to get that money in your account without getting that piece of paper to the bank. Mobile devices with cameras allow you to snap a photo and deposit the check – and mobile check deposits are often faster and easier than any of your other options.

Get the SMCU Mobile App

iPhone, Android, and Windows devices are often supported. Start from your bank’s mobile website to be sure you get the legitimate app.

Endorse the check

Include any endorsement required by your bank. Skipping the endorsement might lead to delays in getting your money (you might need to endorse and re-deposit).

Enter information

You will need to provide a bit of information such as the amount of the check and where to deposit the funds.

Take photo

The app will guide you through the process. You’ll need separate pictures of the front and back (with your endorsement). Get a clear, well-lit photo that captures the entire check.
If you’re having a hard time holding the camera still, brace your hand or elbow against a wall. Review the images to make sure everything is clear before submitting.

Verify and submit

The app will read the numbers on the bottom of the check and ask you to verify that they were read correctly.
If everything looks good, submit your request.

Wait for confirmation

Don’t destroy the check immediately. If it helps to prevent confusion, make a small mark on the check to remind yourself that it has been deposited. Follow your bank’s instructions on when to destroy the check. You’ll generally get an email within a few minutes or hours confirming your submission, and there might be another email telling you that the deposit was accepted. Never re-deposit a successfully deposited check without speaking with SMCU first.

Funds Availability

After you deposit your check, you may need to wait several days before spending the money. SMCU follows guidelines for placing checks on hold. Refer to the Agreement when signing up.


In order to reduce fraud, SMCU sets limits on deposits made with a mobile device. Refer to the Agreement when signing up.

Is Mobile Deposit Safe?

Mobile check deposits are generally safe, and they even prevent certain old-fashioned methods of fraud. For example, nobody can steal checks that you’re walking around with or waiting to deposit (they might alter the checks and cash them themselves).
Any reputable bank or credit union uses industry-standard encryption in their app, so your account details are safe. That said, it’s best not to use public Wi-Fi for any sensitive information or anything requiring your bank password – use your own wired connection or your mobile phone’s data connection if you want to avoid broadcasting information.