What's New

FinanceWorks in Credit Union Online:

Effective February 5, FinanceWorks will now be Money Management. Many of the existing FinanceWorks  experiences will continue to be available  in Money Management, but with a new redesigned look and feel.

What is similar?

Money Management is accessible from the Online Banking menu by clicking the tab located on the menu bar
Outside account aggregation
Ability to split categories and flag as personal or business
Spending chart
Budgets based on spending history
Email alerts

What is changing?

The spending widget on the home page is being replaced with a budget widget
Tax Watch is being replaced with a broader category that includes donations and child care expenses

*Note some options are only available through CU Online and are not available through the SMCU mobile app.

What is new?

Debt payoff forecasting
Detailed Net Worth analysis and ability to track Savings and Retirement goals
Text alerts in addition to email alerts

Will everything migrate from FinanceWorks to Money Management?

Most account information for both hosted and outside accounts will migrate.
Up to 18 months of transaction history will migrate
For security reasons, outside login credentials will not migrate. However, once you provide your outside account login, credentials will aggregate successfully from that point forward.
Budgets will not migrate
Goals will not migrate